What We Offer

Innovative Payment Solution

At Qiki, we specialize in cutting-edge, fee-free payment solutions designed for the modern business landscape.

Our extensive range of EFTPOS and online payment services leverage the latest technology to offer merchants a secure, efficient, and easy-to-use platform. 

Fee Free Eftpos

No Merchant Service Fees or Terminal Rental Fees

Low Cost Eftpos

Lower your Merchant Service Fees with a QikiPay Fixed Rate

Online Gateway

Reduce your Online Payment Gateway Fees with QikiPay

Redefine the payment experience for businesses​

At Qiki, we’re not just providing payment solutions; we’re redefining the payment experience for businesses. By eliminating fees and offering a range of innovative, easy-to-integrate systems, we set a new standard for what merchants should expect from their payment service providers.

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Our Services

Industry Leading Merchant Services​

Qiki stands at the forefront of the merchant services sector, offering industry-leading, fee-free EFTPOS and online payment solutions that combine innovation, reliability, and exceptional customer support to transform the way businesses handle financial transactions

Onsite Payments

Our fee-free EFTPOS service ensures fast and secure in-person transactions, enabling businesses to save money and focus more on customer satisfaction and growth.

600+ POS Integrations

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with over 600 point-of-sale systems, providing a unified, fee-free payment experience that aligns with various business models and operational needs.

Online Payments

Our fee-free online payment gateway offer a seamless and secure experience, reducing costs for businesses while providing customers with a user-friendly and secure checkout process.

Fast Settlements

We ensure prompt and reliable financial handling with our 7-day settlement* process, offering businesses efficient access to their funds without delay or unnecessary fees

Mobile Eftpos

Experience the convenience of fee-free mobile EFTPOS, allowing businesses to process transactions on the go, enhancing flexibility and customer satisfaction without any additional costs

No Terminal Rental Fees

Our service includes the use of EFTPOS terminals without rental charges, allowing businesses to process onsite payments efficiently without incurring additional hardware costs.

Our Plans & Features

Explore our diverse plans and features tailored to streamline payments and elevate your business’s financial efficiency.

Fee Free Eftpos

Low Cost Eftpos

Online Gateway