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Deliveries sorted through 13Delivery

Loaded into the QIKI dashboard is a Delivery Service with Commission Free Deliveries Australia Wide.

Flat Fee Delivery Service

QIKI has partnered with 13Delivery to provide the HOSPITALITY & RETAIL Industries with a flat fee delivery service.

Let your customers order directly from your ecommerce website included in the QIKI Platform. Impress your customers with an easy-to-use and responsive online ordering system for your venue. The system appears in the QIKI dashboard automatically. Use the QIKI System and say goodbye to commissions.

Loaded into the QIKI dashboard is the 13Delivery service
with Commission Free Deliveries to your customers.

Picked up in under 10 minutes.

GPS tracking via the app

Available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Flat Fee Delivery Service.

Your business is able to choose whether to absorb
the delivery cost or you can share with your customer.
Local average split delivery cost customer approximately $6

With no other hidden costs and no commission fee on top of the purchase, your business is free to choose whether to absorb the actual delivery cost or share it with the customer.

13Delivery puts local retail businesses, restaurants and cafés back in control of their costs and their customers. and it’s biting back at global food delivery competitors with zero commission and a simple and transparent service.

QIKI is proud of this Australian company helping support local businesses.