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Customer QR Self Ordering

Visual Menu QR Customer Ordering

Research has shown that patrons who use QR self-ordering on their own mobile phones can increase your revenue by up to 30%.

Not only that, but it is super simple for your patrons to browse the menu, place their order through to the bar or kitchen, and keep everything flowing within your venue.

QIKI supplies your business with a PDF of all table’s QR codes which can be either stuck directly onto tables or in a moveable table number holder.

All your patrons have to do is scan and order directly to the table using their smartphone. It’s a simple and effective process that is a great way to navigate busy periods, the need for social distancing for staff, and freeing your team up to look after other jobs.

All your customers need to do is sit at their table, scan the table QR code there, and order directly without interacting with the staff. This makes the entire service experience easier for patrons and staff with a big reduction in errors, and a big increase in revenue.

Increases Sales by up to 30%

Increase Operational Efficiencies
Making it Easier for Staff