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QIKI EXPRESS - Web Portal hospitality specialists in ecommerce one stop shop online solutions
for cafes, restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars and much more.....  QIKI EXPRESS  handles all your online needs from
Web Portal with payment gateway Inc. Takeaway service  (Pickup in Store) - Delivery service  (Deliver to Address)
Reserve a Table Service - Order at Table when Dinning In
Remarketing once a week  (email campaign)
an easy to use online order & paying solution for your menu

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   The QIKI Efficiencies   

FREE Point of Sale

No more Point of Sale Monthly Fees


Become a Member

Unlimited Terminals  -  Unlimited Staff Login's

All this at No Extra Costs - No Hidden Charges


No more paying for Table bookings


No more paying 30% Delivery fees

For all online Ordering QIKI has a
(Flat fee within 3 klm's)  (see national coverage)
For all online Ordering

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Introducing the QPOS

$1 A DAY

The 5.7 Hand Held device with a Point of Sale & Tap and Go Payment Card reader built in.

The QPOS will help your business run smoothly and your staff will love it.

It fits in your pocket just like your mobile phone

with an Inductive charging docking station & carry holder included

QPOS increases table turnover times

QPOS reduces Thousands of Staff Movements on floor Monthly.

or just simply use the QPOS as a mini counter POS



Manage your Menu Online


Low Card Fees