QIKI Is a registered trademark & trading name of Miamedia P/L

QIKI EXPRESS provides the hospitality Industry with interactive mobile menu (Menu) containing food, beverage, and merchandise products (Products) from third party restaurants and venues.

QIKI CUISINES is a national online Directory of Cuisines


QIKI Online services (QIKI CUISINES & QIKI EXPRESS) are available in most major suburbs of Australia.


What Is QIKI?

QIKI Cuisines is on a mission to transform the way hospitality delivers food & beverages. We partner with the best cafes, restaurants etc: in the business – from local hotspots to national favourites – and bring you the food you love, right to your door.


With thousands of choices and a fleet of delivery drivers, we will have your order with you in an average of 30 minutes.


What Is the Story Behind QIKI?

QIKI is an Australian tech success story. After researching the hospitality industry, Miamedia's directors were surprised to find it was nearly impossible to get great quality food delivered when searching for a cuisine you want. So, they made it their personal missions to bring great cafes, restaurants, bars and including all hospitality operators closer to their customers.




Our fees are a fixed affordable monthly amount.