Click & Collect – Ordering

Online Ordering Made Easy with Qiki – Fully Managed Online Ordering Website
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All your click and collect needs are sorted

Anything you could want from your favourite Café’s, Restaurants, or Retail shops ready to be organised through QIKI –
Any of your delivery needs can be sorted through our partnership with 13Delivers

Click & Collect Ordering ready for customers whenever you want it on your dashboard.


If take out is flying out the door, getting the system sorted smoothly and efficiently will be paramount. We have partnered with 13Delivers to deliver take away meals or any catering meals. We have also implemented a click and collect system so ordering online for customers is as easy as its ever been. Couple of clicks and your customers will be ready to collect.


Make it as simple as possible for your customers. They can easily order clothes, shoes and accessories from your store, you prepare and they pick-up or have it delivered by 13Delivery (picked up within 10 minutes). Same goes for any cellars and liquor stores that have partnered with QIKI. You get the drinks ready to go, and your customers will be there to pick up their orders. Quick, convenient, and easy, like it should be.